Frequently Asked Questions

Are the purchases one-time payments or ongoing subscriptions?

All training content purchases (including the bundle) are one-time payments. After purchasing the bundle or a training module once, the purchased content remains available to you without any time limit. Terms and conditions apply.

Do the trainings include video content?

Currently the trainings consist of textual explanations that are accompanied by diagrams, screenshots, code boxes, quizzes, exercises, labs, and other interactive elements. We are evaluating the possibility of including video content in the future, but a challenge of video production is that it is hard to update on a continuous basis. At PromLabs we aim to continuously review and refresh our existing training modules, as the Prometheus ecosystem evolves and new software component versions are released that behave differently. That said, we may still experiment with adding video content in the future, while keeping the need for updates in mind.

Can I purchase trainings for a group of people / my whole team?

Yes! But since the on-site payment dialog is geared towards individuals, the easiest way to currently handle payments for larger teams is via a normal invoice sent from PromLabs to your company. Please use the Contact page to let us know:

  • The desired type of training module (e.g. the bundle or a specific module)
  • The desired number of seats
  • Your company's billing address and EU VAT ID (in case of an EU billing address)

After invoice payment, we will send you a coupon code that your team members can use within their individual training site accounts to unlock the desired training content for free.

When will new training modules be published?

We're continuously working to complete and publish further training modules, but cannot provide a fixed schedule for when individual modules will be published.

I found an error or other issue in the training content. How can I report it?

Please use the Contact page to report any issues. Thanks in advance!

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Feel free to ask any other questions via our Contact page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!