Train your engineering team

Would you like to provide Prometheus trainings to your entire engineering team? We are still in the process of defining our team plans, but we already offer multiple options beyond our individual plan:


Multi-seat orders and bulk discounts

If you are a business, you can purchase training access for multiple seats in a single transaction.

In this option:

  1. You state the desired number of users and your business information,
  2. We send you a business invoice,
  3. You pay the invoice (via IBAN-based bank wire transfer),
  4. We send you a coupon code that allows unlocking the training content from multiple individual accounts without further payment.

Please use the Contact page to let us know:

  • The desired type of training module (e.g. the bundle or a specific module),
  • The desired number of seats,
  • Your company's billing address and EU VAT ID (in case of an EU billing address).

After invoice payment, we will send you a coupon code that your team members can use within their individual training site accounts to unlock the desired training content for free.

Depending on the size of your order, we may be able to offer you a bulk discount.

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Custom domain and auth integration

Depending on your organization's infrastructure and team size, we may be able to offer you a dedicated training portal with the following options:

  • A custom domain like https://promlabs-trainings.<your-domain>/or https://<your-company-name>,
  • Authentication integration with your existing SSO provider like Okta or OneLogin,
  • Custom billing terms depending on your organization's needs,
  • Custom learning statistics per user, depending on your organization's needs.

With this option, any authorized users in your organization will be able to access our PromLabs training content without friction. Contact us to to discuss this option for your organization.

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