Service Discovery Status

While the /targets page shows scrape information for each active target, sometimes you may want to inspect the raw target information that originates from the service discovery mechanism you are using, and then check which ones are dropped or kept based on your relabeling rules. The /service-discovery page shows you this information for all scrape configurations:

Service discovery status page

In the example above, we have configured Prometheus to discover three demo service targets from Consul, as presented in our Service Discovery training.

Clicking on "show more" on a target pool allows us to see all of its raw discovered targets, along with the target's labels before and after relabeling ("Discovered Labels" and "Target Labels" table columns):

A target with labels before and after relabeling

When a target was discovered but then dropped during relabeling, the "Target Labels" column will show it as dropped:

A dropped target

This allows you to figure out if your relabeling rules are working as intended, and whether targets are kept or dropped as you expected.